Dwarf Cleric lvl 11


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Corbaine, level 11
Dwarf, Cleric, Radiant Servant
Build: Devoted Cleric
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Hammer)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Holy Symbol)

Str 11, Con 15, Dex 9, Int 11, Wis 23, Cha 16.

Str 10, Con 11, Dex 8, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 14.

AC: 26 Fort: 20 Reflex: 21 Will: 25
HP: 77 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 19

Religion +12, Arcana +12, Insight +18, Heal +18, Nature +18

Acrobatics +5, Bluff +10, Diplomacy +10, Dungeoneering +15, Endurance +10, History +7, Intimidate +10, Perception +13, Stealth +5, Streetwise +10, Thievery +5, Athletics +6

Cleric: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Versatile Channeler
Level 2: Superior Implement Training (Astral symbol)
Level 4: Versatile Expertise
Level 6: Healer’s Implement
Level 8: Spirit Talker
Level 10: Skill Power
Level 11: Lightning Reflexes

Channel Divinity: Turn Undead
Cleric at-will 1: Sonnlinor’s Hammer
Cleric at-will 1: Sacred Flame
Skill Power: Warp in the Weave
Spirit Talker: Spirit’s Shield
Versatile Channeler: Divine Fate
Cleric encounter 1: Divine Glow
Cleric daily 1: Curse of Misfortune
Cleric utility 2: Shield of Faith
Cleric encounter 3: Astral Flare
Cleric daily 5: Sundered Fortune
Cleric utility 6: Divine Favor
Cleric encounter 7: Break the Spirit
Cleric daily 9: Flame Strike
Cleric utility 10: Mass Cure Light Wounds

Ritual Book, Adventurer’s Kit, Warhammer, Cloak of the Chirurgeon +2, Blessed Book (heroic tier), Shroud of Protection (heroic tier), Ioun’s Revelation (level 3), Philosopher’s Crown (heroic tier), Belt of Vim (heroic tier), Boots of Quickness (heroic tier), Escape Tattoo (heroic tier), Imposter’s Braidmail Armor +3, Sun Disk of Pelor Astral symbol +3, Resplendent Gloves (heroic tier), Dreamstone Warhammer +3
Gentle Repose, Comprehend Language, Fastidiousness, Create Holy Water, Purify Water, Phantom Steed, Speak with Nature, Travelers’ Feast, Comrades’ Succor, Dark Light, Shadow Bridge, Water Walk, Pyrotechnics, Banish Vermin, Last Sight Vision, Cure Disease, Lower Water, Object Reading


Cleanliness is godliness and Corbaine the Cleric loves that. Dirty places anger him and he hates to be dirty. So much that he takes this into his own hands through magic. Originally from Arb stone he found the strange activities of the city upsetting to his beliefs and left to find the cause and end it. On the way he found refuge with the Guild and has be at there side ever since…. cleaning up after their mess.


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