Two Page Summary of “Gods and Fate”

One way or another group of adventures wound up traveling together. A single gathering place known as the guild hall is the main stay for the adventures. To mysterious figures Mityutsu and Ceder run the operation giving out tasks and going off in random adventures around the globe.

Currently the team is working in Arb Haven, a military stronghold in its day, now a bustling trade city serving as the central city for humans in this section of the world. Other towns include Arb Wood to the south and Arb Stone to the north. Although ravished by a 30 year war, the world seems…seems…to be returning to a normal state.

At first the adventures where asked to investigate the theft of the Cargo Manifest by the Dock Manager Trevor Regald and Military Commander Feruss Nightvale, and important document listing supplies costs, tariffs, ship owners, ect. In the wrong hands it could spell disaster for the town. The group discovered that it was the old dock manager, Boycous, who stole it, possibly with some help. Defeating Boycous, his kobolds, and pet dragon the team returned the book only to unravel darker mysteries.

While researching who stole the book the adventures stumbled upon the Magister Eptophel, along with Boycous, was a long outstanding member of the town. An ample magician and alchemist Eptophel nearly killed the group with his crazy traps and pets, but the group subdued him, just in time for him to take a bizarre potion destroying his memories of at least a year. The new Eptophel agreed to help the adventures in discovering the mysterious of the town including a man named “Bloodeye”

The team no longer working for Trevor and Feruss but instead the head of the town Meredith and Jones were ordered to clean the sewers of Eptophel beasts that had been let loose. While doing this the adventures met up with Milly, a dragon born who had tricked them in a side adventure. She stated she feared bloodeye, and gave them a necklace saying that it would prove her death. Delving deeper into the sewers the group came upon a 2nd lab finding some interesting chemicals, lab notes, and a bizarre key.

After fighting the security the group dropped into a sub layer amidst a duergor party….a war party. Feigning weakness the group aloud themselves to be captured in order to destroy the war party while they slept. The group made use of its own war machines and decimated the dark dwarves. The leaders, however, appeared to be Demons. Upon bringing the female leader the surface Ceder killed it outright saying “You have no idea what terror she can cause by bringing her to the surface”

Eptophel unraveled some of the notes stating that the chemicals in the sewers where some kind of mind altering affect. He also stated that the lab was not his, though it still had connection to Blood eye.

At this time the team was official hired to track down, and if necessary, kill bloodeye. Using Milly’s necklace the group tried to bring out another one of Blooedyes lackeys. The man, Vicious Pete laughed at the group saying the necklace was yet again a ploy of Milly. The group made quick work of Pete and he gave them some valuable information, as well as a warning: Stop the investigation, leave town; you don’t know what you are in for. He also mentioned that the church of the Raven Queen may have something to do with what has been happening.

The group returned to Eptophels house in order to look for some hidden documents he may have kept, only to find the house has been burnt to the ground. What remained of the house was brought to a garbage dump. Where a trap lay in wait. Nearly killed by Milly’s trap, the group found what they were looking for….almost… a note left by Medev, the local Trade Leader, as well as a world renewed trade prince.

Medev made a deal with the group. Protect his ship and he will provide all the evidence needed to prove who Bloodeye really was. Strong armed into a agreeing with him the adventures took off to the pirate city of Black Spire. On the way there the group was assaulted by a young kraken…which they made quick work of. Upon reaching the town they met with a dwarf cleric, Patches. (he was also in a side quest) Patches stated that the cult of the raven, and its leader, Gerald Nightvale, was using the town, and its people, as a ritual to destroy the demon prince Orcus.

The group learned about the changing nature bloodeye through the ages, how he was first a pirate, then a Mercenary, and now a crime lord/insane cultist (think evil zoro). After learning all of this Gregory, the old military commander (another side quest char.) Met with the adventures and said he still had men loyal to him, and to use a contraption to summon him and his loyal men if the time called for it. He also said they should investigate the Arb Haven prison if given the chance. Finally he said that the only way to prove Gerald guilt was to resurrect the old temple Commissioner; a mighty paladin of his day.

On the return trip the group came across Reggie Redbeard (Reggie Regald, brother of Trevor) a notorious pirate. He offered the party to join him and defy Medev. The group sided with the goblin prince and using cunning and magic intimated Reggie into fleeing. This choice turned Medev good, while making another unnamed character become evil.

The group returned to port and made way to the temple district to gain proof to Gerald’s wrong doings.
Trevor and Reggie are brothers, sons of the first “bloodeye”. Known as the bothers pirates. Trevor dislikes non-humans. Known to be legendary fighters
Gerald is Father to Feruss. They don’t speak much. Both changed greatly after the war. Last two of their family left.
Trevor = Dock Comm.
Boycous = Old dock comm. Went insane, may have sided with bloodeye, very old, friends of Eptophel, dead.
Gerald = Temple Comm.
Feruss = Military Comm.
Gregory = Old Military comm., escaped prisoner, wanted criminal, says he was set up
Meredith and Jones = Head Comm. (think president/vice president)
Medev = Trade Comm.
Betty = Slum Comm.
Sir Thomas Featherbottom = Noble Comm.
Milly = Dragon born antagonist
Vicious Pete = Huge burley man, ally of Bloodeye


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