A safe haven for the adventures. You will often find Ceder passed out amongts a pile of food.

Current Residence:

Players (Active on top)


*Coffers: 0 AD 0 Gold 0 Silver 0 Copper
Magic Residum: 0


  • Potion Master: Potions restore 125% of HP
  • Medev’s Boon: Haggeling has become easier, praised highly by law abiding citizens/officials. Most shopkeepers and guardsmen are considered friendly. Medev may send warriors to help with random encounters.


  • Red Beards Curse: Vigilantes, near-do-wells, outlaws, bandits, theives and underdogs look upon you with distest. Most chaotic charecters are unfriendly. Additonally random people may join the fight againts you.


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