Old Paliden Raised from the Dead


Vigo is one of the oldest living citzens of Arbhaven. He was good friends with Gerald Nightvale before the Blood Point Massacre.

Vigo knew there was something up with Gerald after that event. Gerald blamed Vigo for letting his family die.

Soon Vigo set out on a mission to dispove of the Cult of the Unseeing eye in the Tomb of Horros – beliving this had some conjuction with Gerald. Vigo singlehanded whiped out the entire cult, but when he reached the bottom floor another person was waiting for him…Gerald.

Gerald along with the cult master at the time used Vigo as a recepticle to the Far Realm.

The adventures freed Vigo, and with this information was able to arrest Gerald. Gerald refused to go quitly and in anger Vigo slayed Gerald once and for all.

He wields a 2 handed greatsword known as The Rune Blade



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