Greogry Phillbin

Old Millitary Commander whos name has been cleared


According to the infromation provided, this man is named Greogry Phillbin. He was the the rogue who attacked kade whilst he was searching for the black market.

According your information he was the old military commander before Feruss was elected. He was removed from office and improsioned when it was discovered that he was taking brines from Bloodeye. He still claims he was framed, and the only bribes he had taken where from outside merchants and traders.

After a short time in harbhaven prison some close and loyal friends helped break him out. Since then he had use children to do his ‘dirty work’ mostly invoved keeping tabs on the happens aroudn town, while he could lay low. One spunky teenager figured they could get a lofty reward from turning him in…Greogry reponded in horror and ended up killing the child. Although the advetures decied not to turn him in, he has yet to attone for his actions. He was lasted quoted to say " I will die fighting before i am returned to that living hell…"

Close freinds with Patches, Milly, FI#2

With the advise of Kade, Medev was able to absolve, for the most part, Greogry’s name. His sentance was reduced to ‘time served’. He was barred from holding an office again, but may act as an outside “consultant”


Getting a powerful blow off another rogue, you may want to keep an eye out for this guy

Greogry Phillbin

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