Gods and Fate

Made you look!

The identity of blood eye has been revealed! Now you need proof of his crimes to bring him to justice. Seek out the legednary Paliden and bring his wandering spirit back to this mortal coil! Oh, and fight that huge cult that worships a unnamed heathen. ya…

Trade Secrets

Medve has the awnsers to the secrets you seek. Well, he knows a guy who knows the secrets. Er, he knows the location of a guy who knows something. This may have been a bad idea.

You got the job, now go pick up trash

You have been hired as private investigators. Enter vicous pete, the return of milly Eptophels house burnt down, anchor beasts. Things are really picking up.

Everything Falls apart

Intimidated by the large numbers most of the party members unarm and alloud themselves to be take prisoner. Ola Karlson on the other hand, long time enemy to duergers, defies the leaders and challenges them to a duel. After the others leave the male leader accepts the challenge. Although Ola is nearly defated was able to use his feirce deamnor and quick wit to intimidate his oponent into fleeing. The female leader, disgraced by the fact her male counterpart lost, knocked ola out to take him as a prize.

Ola awoke to find himself with the attention of the female leader. she soon left him, although armour, weaponless in a bizare room worshping the demon god Orcus. He sulied himself, picked up a mining axe and bluffed/intimidated his way around the grounds. He quickly gathered his friends and met up with Kade in the armory to make a stand.

Meanwhile Kade was resourcful enough to hide a small dagger on his body and after the guard fell asleep he was able to coup de grace a sleeping enemy. He scoured the dark halls and eventually came to an amory with cannons and explosives. Although ill-equiped he was able to subdue the mage who was tinkering with the balistas.

Once the group met up and re-equiped they set off explosives to seal the back tunnel as well as draw the attention of the duergors. The two new recruits used thier arecane powers to command the balistas into battle for them. After a long battle the female leader fled into her study to destroy any evidence they may find. They cuaght and subdued her, but she had destroyed most the evidence albiet a magic teleportation circle.

She was brought above ground for questioning, but Ceder quickly said “AHHH THATS A DEMON” and killed her. He said that she would bring unkown horros onto the land if left alive for any amount of time.

Up up and into the sewers!
Damn those things hit hard

Eptophels creations are running loose in the sewers! We’ve rouned up most of them, but the deadliest of them are still hidden deep inside! In exchange for your coropration, you will be hired as the private investegators of the city. Fast travel around town as well as an increase in authority awaits.

A typical adventure ensuded, the group cycled through many party memebers to finish the task. Part way through the group met up with Milly being assulted by harpies. It turned out her adventure group had either abadnoned her or were killed during the night. After saving Milly she gave the group her tresaured family heirloom, stating it would proof of her death since it was a beloved treasure of her dear departed mother. Torber escorted (hehe sex) out of the sewers at the group adventured on.

Finnaly arriving at the 2nd reserach lab, the group made some intresting discoveries. Lab notes, a bizarre cauldorn, and a ruby key…upon taking the key the junk around the room sprang to life. After 3 bouts of combat the junk collected in the center for form a gian automaton. The newly joined Nim and Bulrog used there knowledge of arcane to subdue the creature…and activating its self-destruct.

The floor collapsed leaving the advetures in midst of a duerger war party.

Down the Ooze Hole
The plot thinkens...

People of Note:

The party ventures off to question Magistar Eptophel about the special wood on the chest. After not getting much for answers they leave & send in one of their newest members, Calin, who is said to be more persuasive. Calin’s strong arm tactics do manage to ferret out the suspicions of Magistar Eptophel’s involvement but also land himself and Torber in pot of hot…acid.. so to speak. Hearing Magistar Eptophel’s floor trap spring Ola & Kade leap into action. Ola smashes a hole in the floor while Kade looks for the control mechanism. Ola see’s Ooze monsters forming to attack the two below & uses his rope to lower himself down since the adic will corrode the rope too quickly to pull anyone out. While Ola unleashes ownage on the Oozes Kade follows after Magistar Eptophel, who had darted to a back room. Kade finds himself in a dead end room. The room has a glass wall that allows him to look down and see his 3 party members in some type of cauldron. Across from Kade, separated by the wall, is a mirror image of his room where he spots his quarry. Magistar Eptophel is grabbing potions from a nearby table and dumping them into a vat, then turning a wheel about 15 feet away. Each turn of the wheel produces more friends for those below to play with. Kade takes his party members lives in his hands demonstrating his knowledge of alchemy. Unfortunately for those below Kades knowledge of alchemy extends to about “potions are wet”. After dragging out the battle & making things worse before better Kade finally manages to test & guess his way to picking up the trick of Magistar Eptophel’s game. Kade neutralized the vats ooze making capabilities and freshening the air, allowing his party to escape.Seeing his concoction ruined Magistar Eptophel stalked away down some stairs muttering about his spider. Kade searched the room for a way to follow after while the rest of the party, only still alive due to their resilience & Torber’s healing claws(Mmm… acupuncture). By the time the party was done with their breather Kade had found the secret door to the other side. The party now marched down the stairs ready to thump the old man for answers. But first a few more traps/puzzles to weaken them. When they reached Magistar Eptophel, they discovered his mutterings about his spider proved him to be…less?...more?...mad than they thought. The party had quite the challenge ahead of the to face the alchemist on his venomous spider mount tossing nasty burning chemicals in confined corridors while his other sizable spider friends blocked their way. The spider mobs put up less of a fight than both sides were expecting, however Magistar Eptophel & his mount were another story. The 4 adventurers did prove victorious, though not before Magistar Eptophel experiments were un-caged and fled to the sewers while he gulped down a memory wiping potion. The party sealed sewer exit, discussed what to do next, and finally decided they needed to go get Ceder’s advice. Ceder decided he would bring the now seemingly harmless Magistar Eptophel to the guild hall & secretly keep him safe while the rest were sent to probe the authorities on the matter.

World 1-1

Recap of First Dungeon;

A request was delivererd to the guild from the military commissioner himself, Feruss Nightvale.

Ceder& Mitsyu Inc.,
I have heard many a good tale about your companies doing around town.  I still have not 
forgotten the lead you gave us on the rural slave market.  I come to you with a dire
request. The mission is to senstive to be metioned in this lettering.  
Please find  Trevor Regald, Dock Commissioner in the harbor for further detials.
Feruss Nightvale

Upon opening the letter, Mitsyu order three members on the mission. Ola the dwarven fighter, Kade the Golaith Rouge, and the much talked about Torber – dragonborn warlord.

Trevor Regald is a very ‘rugged man’ strong from the years of working the docks, intellgent enough to become master of the docks. Well tanned from the hours spend outdoors. Often the girls of all races giggle as he winks and walks by. Although he does have one major downfall, he has a great distate for all non-human’s living in his town.

Ola, ever the diploment, pleads with him. “We are here to help, we don’t want trouble, and we care only to do was we have been called to do”. Trevor heads theese words and decides to take a risk and trust this mottly crew. He calls out “Will your golaith friend who is unsuccesfully hiding behind that barrel come join us?”

It is revealed that the Cargo Manifeset (link will later – once i can figure out items) was stolen. This is important to the infrastcture of the town. Someone could use this information to influence the market causing depression and econmic insability. Very few people knew about the book, besides a handful of com. (Leaders of certain distrtrics/aspects of the tonw) and the old dock Master Boycous.

Trevor assigns Lolly Lightfoot to assist the adventures in there investigation. The hereos return to the scene of the crime, where Kade points out the intruder must have enter throught he celler, even though there where no footprints leading up to it…magic?

Upon inspection, the safe (link to come later when i can figure out items :P) is a master craftsmen ship. The lock is nearely impossible to pick, requires 2 keys, and the box itself is bolted to the house and floor. Upon opening the safe and a through investgistion shows that a small piece of flesh remains where the book once laid. With this new imformation they adventures zero in one person, Boycous, the old dock master who has been infected with leproasy.

Boycous tells the adventures to return at nightfall. They do, and they go to confront he old man. His senile ramblings make little sense “Feruss sent you? He was the reason I had to leave….you must be from bloodeye then? let me get the book for you….”

Following him leads to a plethora of traps, and a maze made up of the old town before it was covered in silt and a new town built upon it. A powerful kobold mage nearly finished Kade off, but Ola launched himself from the makeshift fortress, doging a massive bolder by mere inches, too cleave the wizard in twain.

The final room was as ominious as the others. A crazed Boycous orders a terrifing white dragon to blast the blast the adventures. An epic fight takes place, the dragons breath fills the room, Ola nearly falls, but the battle prowess of the Torber saves him before he succumbs to the great tankerd of ale in the sky.

Upon deafting the duo, the company quickly loots and takes a look at thier surrondings. A set of drawings on the floor peak there intrest but noone have any idea of what it is. The trio quickly retreat as it appears the dragons pressence was all that kept the water from filling the area. THey are able to quickly open and breeze through the manifest, allowing the adventures an uperhand when dealing with merchents of the area.

A hefty pile of gold, a bit of fame, and a new quest awaits the adventures upon their safe completion of the first dungeon!


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